Drugs, Rifle & Ammo Seized In Phnom Kravanh

Pursat Province: Phnom Kravanh District Police Force cracked down on a drugs and weapons case in Kaset Borey village, Son Tre commune, Phnom Kravanh district, Pursat province on March 7 at 1.10 pm.

Police arrested 6 suspects (all male): 1- Choeun To, 27 years old, 2- Kan Ron, 22 years old, 3-Hon Toch, 25 years old, 4-Hon Nga, 16 years old, 5-Chen Rithy, 33 years old.

The confiscated items included 5 packets of white gram powder (large 04. small 01) weighing 23.51 grams, 1 set of drug scales, a large number of small bags, 1 rifle (reported as an M16) and 20 rounds of ammunition, 2 rifle magazines and a homemade air rifle.

Colonel Tan Karith, Phnom Kravanh District Police Inspector, called on all residents of Phnom Kravanh District to cooperate and report to the law enforcement forces when they know about cases of illegal use of drugs, cases of storage, trafficking and use of illegal weapons, gambling and other crimes for the authorities to take measures to crack down immediately.


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