Surprise As Bride Gives Birth During Kampot Wedding

Kampot Province: A wedding was in full swing, when the bride named Sorn Sophorn suddenly and quite unexpectedly went into labor.

According to the report, the wedding was held at the woman’s house according to the tradition, in Svay Paem village, commune South Sala Lake, Kampong Trach District, Kampot Province.

But what was unexpected was that at around 6 am, the bride gave birth to a baby girl at Kampong Trach District Referral Hospital safely, leaving the groom to stand alone and continue the ceremony, receiving guests before going to the bride in the hospital.

Although the bride gave birth on the morning of March 4, the day of the wedding, the bride’s relatives were not immediately available.

Although there were only 25 tables, on the evening of March 5, the day of the reception, the bridegroom came out to receive the guests alone in front of the wedding.

According to the Acharya, the traditional host of the ceremony, on the day of the wedding, there was no bride or groom to be seen.

It appears that no-one suspected the woman of being pregnant, and she did not seem to have a big belly, but suddenly on the day of the wedding suddenly had a stomach ache, and when she was taken to the hospital found it was labor pains. KOHSANTEPHEAP

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