Mr. B’s Temple O’ The Week: Phnom Banan

Bong B’s brave, breathless Battambang Banan broadcast.

Does this guy slow down? Our intrepid as ever hero continues his endless quest to document Cambodian temples on his Youtube. The antiquarian amigo still is not done with Battambang, and this week travels to one of the most recognizable temples in the area- Phnom Banan, which, according to Wikipedia:

Wat Banan is the best-preserved of the Khmer temples in Battambang Province. The distinctive five towers of the temple are similar to the much larger and more famous temple of Angkor Wat. At the base of the mountain, is a step laterite staircase flanked by nagas.

The 11th century Hindu temple was built by King Udayadityavarman II, son of the king Suryavarman I and despite some looting it is in a considerably better state of repair than Wat Ek Phnom. It was built to give thanks, ask for help, and pray.

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