Man Fined 2 Million Riel For Breaking Home Quarantine

Sihanoukville: A man who was supposed to self-isolate in Sihanoukville was fined 2 million Riels ($500) by Preah Sihanouk Provincial Administration on the morning of the 5th of March, with additional warnings about continued legal measures in case of improper implementation during quarantine.

It was reported that the man had an address in Village 5, Sangkat 4, Sihanoukville, next to Hun Sen Friendship School Sihanoukville, and works in a private hotel in Sihanoukville. He was indirectly involved with a positive COVID case, and provincial health department’s emergency response team assigned him to self-isolate in his home.

“This is a warning to those who do not follow the instructions of the Ministry of Health. If this person continues to commit wrongdoing during while in quarantine, the provincial administration will take additional measures.” RASMEI

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