COVID Patient’s Sokha Security Guard Arrested After Quarantine

Phnom Penh: A security guard who allowed a Chinese woman to leave hotel quarantine in Phnom Penh- believed to have started the February 20 COVID outbreak, was arrested by the Phnom Penh Military Police He was handcuffed after spendinh 14 days in quarantine and was diagnosed COVID free.

The suspect’s name is Ren Sotheara, male, 38 years old, a security guard at Sokha Hotel.

He was sent to Chak Angre Krom Health Center for 14 days after his indirect contact with a Chinese national, who he allowed to leave the mandatory isolation at Sokha Hotel, Phnom Penh.

After 14 days, and testing negative, he was sent to continue legal procedures.

In mid-February, two security guards at the Sokha Hotel facilitated the illegal exit of four Chinese nationals from hotel quarantine, after which the Chinese woman was found to be infected with COVID. More than 400 people have been infected from this woman, believed to be patient zero. KBN

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