Goodnight Sienna! Chinese Driver Hits Divider

Phnom Penh: A Chinese man drove a car Toyota Sienna at speed, swerved to avoid a container truck and crashed into a central divider just before midnight on March 2, 2021 along Northbridge Road / 2004 traffic light in Sangkat O Bek Kam, Khan Sen Sok.

According to authorities, before the incident, an unidentified Chinese man was seen driving the Sienna with license plate Phnom Penh 2AN-0586 traveling along Northbridge Road from north to south. The car pulled left to avoid a container truck and hit the concrete divider, breaking the front wheel.

Fortunately, no one was harmed, and after the incident, the Chinese driver left the car and fled. He called a representative to go down and see his car. After the above incident, local authorities also arrived at the scene and checked to see that there was no damage to state property. The representative was allowed to call a crane to take the car to repair. MCPN

*CNE did not independently write this article, it was a translation from the given source. For any queries- please contact [email protected]

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