Deaths Reported In Phnom Penh Shoot-Out

Phnom Penh: At around 11 am on March 1, 2021, an operation was launched after what is believed to be a robbery/kidnap in Borey Angkor Phnom Penh, Khan Sen Sok, Phnom Penh.

Phnom Penh Municipal Gendarmerie came under fire from the criminals armed with pistols and at least one assault rifle. Using their right to self-defense, the military police fired back, killing four perpetrators at the scene. Updates to follow.

Images from scene (WARNING- graphic)

UPDATE:  According to the story from KBN, the victim was 58-year-old Mao Hour, a former director of the Kampong Cham Provincial Electricity Branch and a businessman. The four, one of whom was a former driver for the victim, plotted with his accomplices to rob, and/or extort $ 1 million. The victim heard the information beforehand, and he complained to the Phnom Penh Deputy Military Police 3 or 4 days ago. Forces were therefore lying in wait at the victim’s house.

Because the former driver was known to the borey security, the group were allowed to enter. While arriving at the victim’s house, they jumped over the fence and fired at the GRK, who shot all for dead.

Two of the dead have been named: 1. Im Sovanrith, 21 years old, the mastermind and 2. Ry Pisey, 30 years old, from Takhmao City, Kandal Province

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