8 Chinese Sent To Koh Kong Quarantine After Fleeing PP Condo

Koh Kong: Eight Chinese men and women, and two taxi drivers, were arrested by the Kirisakor District Unity Command and sent to a quarantine center after leaving a condo in Phnom Penh, linked to the February 20 event.

After receiving information about the presence of undocumented Chinese with suspected involvement in the February 20 event, Deputy District Governor Toun Ooty led Police Inspectorate and District Armed Forces inspected the area at 11:15 pm on February 27, 2021 and brought 8 Chinese nationals (1 female) and 2 taxi drivers to Kon Kok Health Center in Phnyi commune Meas, Kirisakor district, Koh Kong province.

The taxi drivers told police that the Chinese people were transported from a Phnom Penh condo.

All 10 people involved have been handed over to the doctors at Kon Kok Health Center for isolate for 14 days. KPT

UPDATE: According to RASMEI, the Chinese did not flee from a lockdown condo, but another one next to it which was not under quarantine. Whether they will continue to remain in quarantine is unknown.

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