15 New COVID Cases Discovered

Phnom Penh: The Ministry of Health issued the daily press release on the morning of 1 March 2021, confirming the discovery of 15 new cases of COVID-19.

Of these 14 were related to the “February 20 Event”.

The Ministry of Health said that of the 14 community infections, 13 were Chinese and 1 was Cambodian. An Indonesian national traveling from Indonesia to Cambodia on February 26, 2021 also tested positive.

Reports say five Chinese were from Sihanoukville and eight Chinese and one Cambodian were living in Phnom Penh.

The total number of cases detected is 820, of which 477 have been treated and 343 are receiving treatment.

Track the COVID 19 hotspots on this map: https://cutt.ly/rlGeag4

SOURCE: MoH, Cambodia CDC’s Facebook Page and analysis by David Benaim of Xlconsulting.

EDIT: As there seems to be conflicting numbers from sources, this is another chart following Chinese media sources.

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