CNE Curry Giveaway! Win A $25 Curry Order- Totally Free!

In times of crisis- reach for the spices!

We at CNE enjoy a good Ruby Murray as much as the next man, if not even a little bit more. As the business community continues to feel the burn, and others such as teachers face more cut classes and salaries deducted, we decided to do something to help out.

CNE, in conjunction with the good people of Curry Pot (St 454, Toul Tompong) have decided not to get our tikkas in a twist, and offer up a prize of $25 (yes twenty-five whole dollars- or a cool 100k ៛) worth of Indian/Nepalese food to one lucky reader. That’s enough paneer and jalfrezis to satiate Mr. Creosote himself, or a decent feed for 3-4 normal people.

To enter this karma korma competition is easy- go to and answer these easy questions.

  1. What restaurant did Chef Sharma Pradeep work in on the island of Hong Kong?
  2. How many tandoori chickens can $25 buy, and what’s the change?
  3. Write a sentence in any language who want- including gibberish- on why you want a free curry between March 7-13
  4. Email the answers to: [email protected] or send in via Facebook

The winner will be announced on Sunday March 7, and will have a week to pick up or dine-in at Curry Pot (*no deliveries).

Everyone who enters (even wrong answers) will receive a unique code allowing 10% discount off all takeaway/dine-in orders redeemable straight away.

*Oh and we don’t give a mango chutney about who you are or your personal data and whatnot, if that is of any concern. Tell us your name is Dave and you’ll still get the code/winning password.

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