Mr. B Visits Battambang’s Begonia World

When he’s not riding the countryside o his chopper searching for temples and damsels in distress, our man in the historical field Mr. B likes to let his receding hair down and go wild.

Since knocking the grog and the cancer canes on the head, Mr. B has also found a new passion for flower arranging, alongside his love of ancient ruins. How delighted he was to discover a place to quell his slightly unnatural desires when he stumbled across ‘Begonia World’. Check how many times he says ‘begonia’- the man has found his personal Nirvana on earth.

“Discovered just off a road returning form a long day temple hunting is this modern wonder. I just adore it. It is on Google Maps as, Amatak Prasat Phnom Banorn Grape Wine…. catchy name! Please help support this channel at , even a meal or a tank of gas a month would be greatly appreciated. Thank You!”

*It is suspected that Mr. B may be in the pocket of Begonia World and Big Begonia Industry, and this is little more than a cheap advertising trick to line his trousers with cash, and attract loose women.

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