Myanmar Military Attaché Meets With Commander-In-Chief

Phnom Penh: Brigadier General THURA HLAMIN, the Military Attaché of the Republic of the Union of Myanmar Embassy met with General Vong Pisen of the Royal Cambodian Armed Forces and informed him of the situation that is occurring in the Republic Myanmar. He stated that Myanmar will hold new elections during the meeting held on February 24, 2021.

The Brigadier expressed his pride in completing his diplomatic mission in Cambodia, and thanked the Royal Cambodian Armed Forces for supporting the Myanmar internship at the National Defense University.

Myanmar’s military attaché informed the commander-in-chief of the current situation in Republic of Myanmar and confirmed that Myanmar will hold re-elections in the near future.

In response, General Vong Pisen welcomed Myanmar’s new military attaché, emphasizing that Myanmar and Cambodia have had diplomatic relations since 1955, which have improved both politically and militarily.

The Commander-in-Chief highlighted the leadership policy of the Royal Government of Cambodia, with Samdech Techo Hun Sen as the head of the Royal Government, always respecting the sovereignty of friendly countries, and does not interfere in internal affairs of other nations.

General Vong Pisen was reported to be confident that in the future, the Republic of the Union of Myanmar will be able to maintain good stability. The two nations must adhere maintaining good communication with each other, including information exchange, cooperation in cracking down on transnational crime, as well as cooperation in training, Human Resources and exchange of visits at all levels in the future. RASMEI

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