Chinese Man Dies In Poipet

Poipet: On February 23, 2021 a Chinese man was found dead in a locked room in Poipet city.

Poipet City Police Inspector Colonel Sao Saroeun said that the victim was LI GENJIANG, a 40-year-old Chinese construction worker from Yunnan Province, living in Room 08 in Palilei Village, Sangkat Poipet City. He confirmed that after receiving the information, professional police officers and doctors went to check the scene.

The man died in bed in room 8 of the rented house after his wife went to visit her parents in Battambang. When she returned, she found the door to her room locked.

According 32-year-old Sokha (a Cambodian claiming to be the victim’s wife), during the Chinese New Year, she went to Battambang province to visit family, and when she returned on February 23, found the door locked from the inside. She knocked on the door, but got no reply. She entered and found her husband lying dead in bed and reported to the authorities. The wife confirmed that her husband had a heart condition and went to the hospital for treatment regularly.

Cause of death has not been confirmed, but a heart attack is suspected.

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