Thieves Poison Dogs To Steal Moto

Pursat: Robbers poisoned three dogs, killed one and stole two people’s motorbikes, escaping while the owner was asleep on on February 22, 2021 in Rohal Til village, Talor commune, Talor district, Sen Chey, Pursat province.

The theft was committed by unidentified suspects who used poison mixed with pork to and fed it to three dogs- of which one died. The the broke the chain and unlocked two motorcycles- both Wave Alphas.

The owner of the motorcycles, Lon Leav, a 40-year-old male resident of the commune, said that the motorcycles that the thieves stole had been chained under the house. He went to sleep, and when he awoke found that two motorcycles were missing and that one of the dogs was dead. AREY

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