Officer Arrested After Suspected Drug Breakdown

Phnom Penh: A man wearing a police uniform parked a motorcycle and stood talking to himself on Norodom and the corner of Street 136. The authorities of Daun Penh district intervened and arrested the man.

This case caused a surprise at 7:50 AM on February 22, 2021, along Norodom / Street 136 in Sangkat Phsar Kandal 2, Khan Daun Penh.

Sources from the scene said that before the incident, a man was seen dressed as a police officer riding a black 2015 Honda Dream motorcycle with license plate Phnom Penh 1DD-0954 and stopped at the roadside. Then he knelt down to salute a building under construction, stood upright, as if respecting the flag, and spoke alone, like a person with a mental illness, so local people reported to the authorities to intervene.

Sources said that immediately Daun Penh district police arrived and checked the name and ID number and got on the radio to ask questions in the other districts. Immediately Chbar Ampov district confirmed he was a police officer in Chbar Ampov. 

Chbar Ampov district police brought out a car to transport the man, but he refused to get in, so the police handcuffed him and pushed him into the vehicle and left the scene to deal with the matter in the police station.

Chbar Ampov district authorities later confirmed that the man was a Chbar Ampov district police officer named Un Sam An, a Prek Thmey police officer who is currently being fined by the Chbar Ampov district inspector in connection with a case of drug use has been given ‘education’ over his conduct several times before. KBN

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