CNE Visits Koh Kong Sausage Co.

It’s a right sausage-fest in the CNE bunker, thanks to our old pedigree chums Paweł, Kasia and a loopy-lop spaniel X named Lusi (the Guardian of the Sausages)- aka the Koh Kong Sausage crew.

Like all hipsters with high-cholesterol, CNE were big fans of KKS way before it was cool, but after hearing that they’d upped sticks and relocated to the capital, it was time to venture south of MTT Blvd. in order to check out the new shop- and blag some exotic bangers.

Over a slice of salami and a glass of cider at their new base on Street 476, we asked Paweł and Kasia about the latest chapter in their meaty adventure, while Lusi scampered around after a ball.

What is the background of Koh Kong Sausage?

Two years ago we moved from Poland to Pak Khlong (8 km from Koh Kong) and took over a restaurant on the beach. We wanted to combine Khmer and European cuisine in its best, most interesting edition. Paweł built a smokehouse- more for a hobby than anything else- and he began preparing food based on traditional methods taken from his family home recipes.

Smoked meats were originally made only for the needs of the restaurant, but over time they become more and more popular. Due to the growing demand, on 28th of February 2020 Paweł opened a small shop in Khemarak Phoumin-the city of Koh Kong – called Koh Kong Sausage.

The first menu was very small; 3 kinds of sausages, smoked ham, bacon, sour cucumbers and bread. But it was always growing, developing as Paweł was creating new recipes and started sending them all over Cambodia. We really didn’t expect so much interest so soon.

Why did you decide to make the move to Phnom Penh?

We were sending more and more packages outside of Koh Kong, and the vast majority were going to Phnom Penh. This distance (almost 300 km) became a problem for both us and buyers. That’s why we decided to move to the capital.

How do you find Phnom Penh?

Almost everything we need for our production is available in Phnom Penh. It is a big and pleasant change, because in Koh Kong it was sometimes a challenge. From the very beginning we were warmly welcomed. Thank you Phnom Penh for such positive feedback!

But of course we remember about Koh Kong. It’s where Paweł built there his first smokehouse, opened the first shop and made his first sausages in Cambodia. We loved our small paradise on the beach. That’s why we didn’t want to change the name and even though we are in Phnom Penh we are still “Koh Kong Sausage”.

What about your current products?

Now in the shop we have sausages inspired by flavours from Poland, Germany, Italy, Greece, India, Turkey, South Africa, Great Britain and South-East Asia, hams, bacon, salami and a variety of pickles. We do it on a larger scale, but everything is still done by hand, without any chemicals and preservatives. Products are vacuum packed to stay fresh as long as possible.

The most important thing for us, both at the beginning and now; is the highest quality of every product. Beyond our offer in the shop you can also find products of our befriended small craft-producers. So you can also enjoy homemade ginger beer, cider, natural supplements, soups, dumplings, dishes and more, all in a jar and ready to eat.

What can we expect in the next few months?

There will be a lot of new things in the near and distant future. We are now working on hot dogs and small breakfast sausages, soon we will restart smoking meats so smoked sausages, smoked bacon and hams will return! We also want to make dried meats, cold cuts and due to needs we will provide “sausages on request”. For special orders we’ll be making sausages which are not usually in our range.

Anything special coming up soon?

Every weekend you can come to our shop on Toul Tompoung 476 street (between 155 and 163 street) and try some of our goods for free. We’ve also started making grilled sets. It is a good option for the people who don’t want to cook themselves. 28th February will be exactly 1 year after we’ve opened Koh Kong Sausage. For this occasion we will have special offer and contest with prizes (details soon on our FB page).

Many changes are ahead of us, we can’t wait for some of them, but we can certainly promise that one thing will always stay the same – the highest quality of each of our products.

How do we order?

You can order directly from us or from Delishop, Grocerdel, Nham24, FoodPanda E-Gets or YPP. Soon our products will be also available in one of the local chain stores- keep an eye out!

Anything for vegans?

Ha! Maybe some herbs?

Dziękuję Ci! Powodzenia! Twoje zdrowie!

Good Polish, man!

*CNE is committed to helping local businesses, especially in these difficult times. If you would like to feature in an article, please get in touch through the usual channels.

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