MoH Announces QR Scanning For Venues

Phnom Penh: The Ministry of Health on February 20, 2021 announced the implementation of QR Code technology “Stop Covid 19”.

The release stated that, based on the situation of the “Community Outbreak 20 February 2021”, a committee from The Ministry of Posts and Telecommunications (MPTC) has set up a QR Code “Stop Covid” to provide additional measures to increase the efficiency and speed of prevention and control of the spread of the outbreak.

The public needs to scan the QR Code when traveling in and out of hotels, guesthouses, restaurants, entertainment venues, condominiums, companies, factories, and other enterprises which have a lot of people coming and going.

“This system will record the location of the person logged in (a system that does not track or affect the privacy of the individual) and make it easier to find those involved or affected if that location is found to have COVID infected people visiting” 

The Intergovernmental Commission on the Prevention of COVID-19 also advised business owners, restaurant owners and the above-mentioned owners of crowded places to use the QR Code “Stop Covid-19”.

To get the QR Code to use, please go to and click on “Request QR Code” . Then fill in the information and click on “Request QR Code” and click on “Download” to get a QR Code to print and paste in front of the business entry-exit points. Using this system is free of charge.

The Intergovernmental Commission for the Prevention of COVID-19 also called on the public to use the system to prevent the spread of the outbreak.

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