Grandmother Murdered In Kandal Home

Kandal Province: A grandmother was killed by an unidentified person while at home alone. The scene was discovered on February 18, 2021 10:30 am in Toul Sangke village, Kampong Kong commune, Koh Thom district, Kandal province.

According to Koh Thom district police, the victim, Meng Heang, 62, worked at home and lived at the property. 

The same source said that on the day of the incident, February 18, 2021, while the children and grandchildren were not at home, the victim was alone. Later one of the victim’s grandchildren named Ly Kuy Eng returned home, but did not hear his grandmother when he called. He found her with cuts and bruises on her neck, and although still alive, could not speak. The grandchild shouted to the neighbors to come to the rescue, but the victim died on the way to hospital.

After the incident, the district specialized force in cooperation with the Kampong Kong Police Force arrived at the scene to search the area and examine the victim’s body.

According to the conclusion of the police, this is a murder case. After examining the body, the authorities handed it over to the family for a traditional ceremony. NKD

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