1.5 Kilos Of Meth Tea Seized In Two Raids

Takeo: Two drug dealers were arrested by Takeo Provincial Armed Forces at two locations on 18 February 2021. More than 1 kg of drugs were seized.

According to Colonel Nget Chanthy, Deputy Commander of the Takeo Provincial Gendarmerie, his forces received information that there were drug distribution activities in the village of Krous, Param commune, Bati district, Takeo province.

At a house in commune at 11:30, forces arrested one suspect- Heng Lim Kun, 23 years old, with 113.56 grams of drugs and 1 set of scales.

The Deputy Commander of the Takeo Provincial Gendarmerie continued that after arresting the above suspect, the competent authorities interrogated him to find the distribution ringleader. On the same day, requesting cooperation with the Phnom Penh Military Police, 27-Year-Old Drug Dealer Srun Srey Mom was arrested in front of Pong Teuk Primary School Pong Tuek, Dangkor district, Phnom Penh, with 1397.92 grams of methamphetamine, scales and a mobile phone.

On the afternoon of February 19, 2021, the two suspects were interrogated by the Takeo Provincial Gendarmerie and the case is being prepared for court. PPR

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