UPDATE: Police Investigate Human Trafficking Director Over KTV Violence

Prey Veng: A police officer who allegedly beat a woman and threatened to shoot her in a KTV business named ‘Chumnor Makara’ in Kampong Popil commune Kampong Popil, Pearang district, Prey Veng province, has been named Hak Ly, alias Pov- deputy director of the Anti-Human Trafficking Office of the Phnom Penh Municipal Police. The violence reportedly occurred after a waitress refused to sleep with him.

The case occurred on 13 February 2021. The report said the police officer has attempted to coordinate with the victims to end the story and there were some mediators involved in Prey Veng province.

Mr. San Sok Seiha, spokesman for the Phnom Penh Municipal Police, told Rasmei Kampuchea on the morning of February 17, that Phnom Penh Municipal Police and Prey Veng Provincial Police and staff are investigating the case and following the procedures. .

Prey Veng Provincial Police Commissioner Major General Prum Santhor could not be reached for comment as phonecalls went unanswered.

The incident, which was captured on film and shared widely on social media has attracted a lot of criticism from the public. Relatives of the victim are demanding justice.

UPDATE: “There is no compromise, just take the law and there will be no escape,” General Neth Savoeun, the National Police Commissioner, was reported as saying.

Phnom Penh: According to the Phnom Penh Municipal Police, on February 17, 2021, there was an explanation by the spokesperson of the Phnom Penh Municipal Police on the case of Lieutenant Colonel Hak Ly who was violent to a female worker in Prey Veng province. .

In this case, the Phnom Penh Municipal Police would like to clarify to the public that on February 12, 2021, Mr. Hak Ly assaulted a woman at a karaoke bar in Prey Veng province. Hak Ly was arrested by the Phnom Penh Municipal Police and the Phnom Penh Municipal Police will continue with the legal procedures pending the decision of the Prey Veng Provincial Prosecutor.


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