Korea: Cambodian Worker Jumps Off Bridge To Avoid Police

Korea: A Cambodian worker in Korea who was driving while intoxicated was arrested by the police. He then tried to escape and was chased by the police and jumped off a bridge in the Jinju area.

According to the Cambodian Embassy in Korea, the incident occurred in Jinju on January 5, 2021.

After the Embassy Deputy Chief of Staff coordinated to solve the problem, he returned to Cambodia safely on February 14, 2021.

The family, and the man himself, thanked the team and the Cambodian Embassy for coordinating with Kyungsang Hospital to waive treatment expenses which cost more than $ 100,000, and finding accommodation for the man even though he committed a crime (*unsure whether he was also working/living in Korea illegally). The Embassy will send letters of commendation and thanks to the hospitals and relevant institutions for their assistance.

The Embassy calls on workers as well as all Cambodians not to violate any prohibitions or laws of the Korean authorities for their well-being while working in Korea. NKD

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