Angry Drunk Man Burns Down House, Dies Inside

Kandal Province: On February 14, 2021, in Prek Khsev Village, Sangkat Roka Khpos, Takhmao City, Kandal Province , a drunk man got into an argument with his wife and set fire to his house, killing himself in the flames and completely destroying the property.

The victim was the owner of the house, Sum Chamroeun, alias Tay, male, 41 years old died in the fire. 

In the past, the victim drank alcohol regularly and was often drunk, always arguing with his wife and threatening to burn down the house regularly. On the day of the incident, he drank alcohol and argued with his wife, who left the house.

The man locked the door and started a fire from inside. The neighbors were shocked and reported to the police. The fire brigade of Kandal Provincial Police intervened to put out the fire by using 5 fire trucks, but only 2 were needed. The blaze was completely extinguished at 9:40 AM, but the man had died inside the property. AREY

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