Battambang Man ‘Panics’ After Leaving House In Landcruiser

A former Battambang provincial council chairman was seriously injured and taken to hospital for treatment after he quickly drove from his home, apparently panicking, and smashed through a neighbor’s door after hitting other vehicles.

This incident happened on the morning of February 13, 2021 at the intersection of National Road 5 in the center of Battambang. Authorities said that fortunately no one else was injured, only property was damaged.

Mr. Oun Lyvandeth, Battambang Provincial Traffic Officer, confirmed that driver, Ouk Vong, the former Chairman of the Provincial Council, drove his Toyota- license plate number 2B-3536- out of the house in Svay Por Sangkat next to the national road. No. 5, and apparently panicked. He quickly stepped on the gas, raced across the street and hit the door of the guest house and two cars parked outside.

After the incident, the authorities inspected and recorded the damage to the property of others, while Mr. Ouk Vong, the driver, was sent to the hospital. KPT

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