Another Wedding Turns Into Bloodshed

Pursat Province: A couple were getting married and receiving the guests when suddenly violence broke out at 9:45 pm on Saturday February 6, 2021, in Prey Veang village, Talor commune, Talor Sen Chey district.

Sources at the scene said that prior to the violence, 44-year-old Oeun Ang, father of the bride, had set February 6 as the wedding day. After the regular ceremony, it was time have fun at night, but suddenly some guests attacked a man causing serious injuries, and then escaped.

The same source continued that the victim was Loeut Phalla, from Phum Roleap, Sangkat Roleap, Pursat City, Pursat Province. The victim suffered a head injury and was taken to hospital where he was given 12 stitches.

Authorities have clearly identified two suspects and are pursuing leads in order to bring them to justice. KBN

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