Traffic Deaths On Friday- Police Say 3, News Says 5 (Now 6)

Phnom Penh: According to the report of the General Commission of the National Police, on February 5, 2021, there were 6 traffic accidents across the country, resulting in 3 deaths and 12 minor injuries.

The same source confirmed that the causes of traffic accidents include: speed, drunk driving, careless turning, disrespecting rights and competition. AREY

However, AREY also reports:

Kratie: On the night of February 5, 2021, Kratie Provincial Police said that three people died in a car accident. .

In this traffic accident, 3 victims (male) were all residents of Sambo district in a van which collided with a vehicle traveling in the opposite direction on National Road 7 in O’Kreang commune, Sambo district. Cause: careless overtaking.

POST NEWS also reported two other fatal road accidents:

Kampot: On February 5, 2021, on National Road 3, Kampot, Phnom Penh, in Tvear Thmey village, Prey Thnong commune, Teuk Chhou district, Kampot province, a crash between a car and motorcycle killed a woman, and injured two teenage boys.
Sos Iman, male, 17 years old (severely injured) and Sos Eiser, male, 14 years old (severe injury), were sent to Kampot Provincial Referral Hospital and Sao Yan, female, 67 years old died at the scene.
The car driver was arrested, sent to the Police Inspectorate at Tek Chhou. POST NEWS

Kratie: On February 05, 2021, at 19:20, there was a traffic accident between two motorbikes traveling in the opposite direction on National Road No. 76 (Snuol-Keo Seima), Kbal Snoul, Snoul Commune, Snoul District, Kratie Province.

In the above accident, a YAMAHA FZ motorcycle with no license plate was ridden by Khun Rany, male, 20 years old, residing in Kbal Trach Village, Sre Char Commune, Snoul District, Kratie Province (seriously injured), who was taken to hospital. He overtook and crashed into another motorcycle, a black Cyrus without a license plate (unidentified driver), causing death at the scene (unidentified body).

After the incident, the authorities searched for the relatives of the victims to hand over the bodies to the traditional ceremony. POST NEWS

EDIT: Another report- man killed, two women seriously injured in Takhmao POST NEWS

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