‘Pistol Whipper’ Quietly Released From Kandal Prison

Kandal: A military officer detained on January 5, 2021 by Mr. Thong Phalla Rainsy, Investigating Judge of Kandal Provincial Court, has been released after less than a month in prison.

Heng Kea Hong, owner of Sok Meng Maternity Hospital in Kandal province was charged with ” illegal use of weapons under Article 20 of the Law on the Control of Weapons, Explosives and Intentional Aggravated Violence   under Article 218 of the Penal Code.

The arrest came after social media shared pictures of him at Sok Meng Hospital and Maternity Hospital in Angsnoul District, Kandal Province, after he pulled out a gun and hit a security guard over the head on January 4, due to his shoes going missing.

So Sarin, a spokesman for the Kandal Provincial Court, told the media that he did not know the details of the release. Separately, Mr. Chat Si Neang, Director of Kandal Provincial Prison, told the media on February 5, 2021 that the military officer was released by the court on January 20, 2021. AREY

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