Ministry Opens Up HGV Truck Driver Training Center

On February 4, 2020, the Ministry of Public Works inaugurated and officially inaugurated the Heavy Vehicle Driving Training Center in the presence of Senior Minister Sun Chanthol, Minister of Public Works and Transport.

The center of the Ministry of Public Works, built in 14 months, worth nearly 2 million US dollars ($1,930,000).

Chhuon Von, director general of the General Department of Land Transport, said that the reason for setting up the heavy vehicle center was to train the people who drive heavy trucks to have real skills.

The Ministry found that many drivers of heavy vehicles do not have a driver’s license and some have a license, but is not valid according to the type of vehicle, especially the drivers of trailers.

The total number of registered heavy vehicles was 325,000 and only 218,000 licenses have been issued for Class C vehicles.

This means that about 33% of the truck drivers who are on the road do not have a driver’s license or the correct one for the type of vehicle.

Although there are several heavy vehicle driving schools, to date no driving school has been able to set up a training ground, organized properly according to technical standards.

This driving training center to provide specific technical skillsfor driving heavy vehicles on the road.

The center of the Ministry of Public Works driving school is divided into two parts: the reception building, administration office, library room, emergency room, meeting room, teacher room, theory room.

The second part is a training ground for driving and driving license exam for driving type C to type D with 10 subjects. KPT

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