Groom Dies During Wedding

Kampong Chhnang province: An old saying goes that death is inevitable, but the time of death is uncertain. What happened in Kampong Chhnang was really shocking and sad, as the groom died while preparing to receive guests for his wedding.

Residents said while they bride and groom were preparing, he began feeling unwell, and the family took him to the provincial referral hospital on the afternoon of February 4, 2021.

Sadly he died at the hospital as the meal time approached and the guests were getting ready to attend the wedding at 5 pm. The wedding took place in Kandal Village, Sangkat Phsar Chhnang, Kampong Chhnang City.

The deceased was named as Krong Puth, male, 52 years old.

The wedding has become a funeral ceremony, and celebration has turned to mourning. NKD

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