Groom Arrested After Wedding Riot

Kampong Cham Province: Violence erupted between guests of both bride and groom in scenes reminiscent of a ‘Hong Kong Kung-Fu movie’ at a wedding on February 1, 2021.

Fighting broke out at 9:30 pm at the ceremony in Tuol Khvav village, Boeung Nay commune, Prey Chhor district. The groom was taken away by police and detained overnight.

Colonel Keo Seang Horn, Prey Chhor District Police Inspector, said that the wedding ceremony was conducted in the traditional way of Khmer culture, with the elders of both sides participating. With the matrimonial part over, the guests of the bride and groom sat down to have dinner, with music playing to accompany the feast.

The Prey Chhor District Police Inspector continued that until late at night, they danced, until some drank to the point of extreme drunkenness and got into an argument, causing the violence to erupt. The brawl was fought with plastic chairs and wine glasses.

Four guests of the groom then clashed with three from the bride’s side, causing several injuries.

After the incident, the police took three guests of the groom, along with the groom himself for questioning. He was interrogated and confessed that he had indeed used violence against the guests on the other side.

On the morning of February 2, the perpetrators were formally arrested and sent to the provincial police for action. KOHSANTEPHEAP

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