Chinese Arrested After Koh Pich Shooting

Phnom Penh: After gunshots were reported, Phnom Penh Armed Forces besieged a building “Ly Sichin” in Koh Pich, and intial reports suggest police arrested six people; five Chinese and a Cambodian. Two pistols were confiscated.

The reports of gunshots were received at 10:30 pm on January 31, from the building named Li Xijin on the 8th floor. About 20 minutes later, the military police and the joint police force arrived at the scene.

According to a security guard on duty at Koh Pich at the time of the incident, he was sitting at the target of Borei Vorachon when he heard a gunshot from the building, but did not know what happened.

Photos a[[ear to show arrests being made and an injured man being removed on a stretcher. More details are expected to be released later. KOHSANTEPHEAP

UPDATE: Two Chinese men were reportedly injured during an incident inside a massage parlor.

UPDATE: According to a report published on the afternoon of February 1, 2021, in connection with this case: the two groups of Chinese people had argued over debt. There was an explosion (gunshot) but no one was injured. All suspects were detained by the Phnom Penh Military Police and sent for further questioning to follow the procedure.

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