Battambang Residents Complain Of Burning Plastic Pollution

Battambang: The air environment is very important for people, if there is air pollution caused by any factor, it will have a bad effect on breathing, all of which causes people to become ill. It can also could be life-threatening if the pollution continues to escalate without a solution.

However, according to a message posted on Satya SH’s Facebook account on the evening of January 31, 2021, “People living in the whole of Battambang province will soon die of pneumonia. No need for coronary heart disease (this is) Due to the inhalation of toxic fumes from burning plastic bags, the whole city was filled with toxic fumes. After sleeping at night, they also wear masks because a large number of people in the whole city of Battambang have to smell bad, this bad smell.” KBN

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