Man Steals, Crashes Lexus After Wife’s Infidelity

Ratanakkiri Province: A man was angry with his adulterous wife and stole a company car. He did not know where to go, and due to his bad mood he lost control and crashed, causing severe damage to the company car.

The incident happened on the night of January 28, 2021 on National Road 78 in Pa Or village, Pate commune, O’Yadao district. The angry man asked for him and his adulterous wife to remain anonymous.

A source said that before the incident, the man (name and age unknown) knew that his wife had an affair and suffered a mental crisis, and suddenly stole a car of Hong Anh Yalai Oryada from the company along National Road 78. Driving at high speed, and in a bad mood, he lost control, went into a canal, overturned, causing severe damage to the company car. The driver escaped without any serious injuries. KBN

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