Paedophile Geoffrey Moyle Agrees To Asset Freeze

An Adelaide court has heard a paedophile who has pleaded guilty to offences including the sexual abuse of children in Cambodia has consented to having his assets frozen.

Geoffrey William Moyle, 47, has pleaded guilty to 11 offences including nine counts relating to the sexual abuse of children in Cambodia between 2002 and 2005.

Moyle is awaiting sentencing in the South Australian District Court, which heard that the Cambodian survivors were seeking compensation from their abuser.

Jonathan Wells QC, who is representing one of the survivors, previously told the court that the reason compensation was being sought was because Moyle had assets, including a house in Adelaide.

Judge Paul Cuthbertson is considering whether the court can order Moyle to compensate his abuse survivors in South-East Asia, which he suggested would likely be an Australian first.

Moyle’s lawyer today told the South Australian District Court that he “has no intention of doing anything with his assets”.

Heath Barklay QC told the court he is content with the freezing order.

“We’re prepared for practical reasons to consent to it, without making any concession that he would if this order wasn’t imposed,” he said.

ABC NEWS By Brittany Evins

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