Billions Of USD Pouring Into Multiple Kampot Investments

A member of Kampot Provincial Council said that to date, more than 30 investment companies in Kampot have been investing billions of dollars in sectors such as restaurants, hotels, ports, tourism and electricity.

According to the report, one of those companies is Property International, which has invested nearly $ 4 million in Chhuk district, Kampot province, and 100 room hotel investment projects and tourism in Koh Ses, with a land size more than 388 hectares.

An investment project has also been reported in a tourism port in Phnom Dong, Sangkat Troeuy Koh, Kampot city, of $1 million dollars, an investment project for tourism hotel in Prek Ampil, Koh Touch commune, Teuk Chhou district, with an investment capital of $850 thousand, and another investment project in the tourism sector In Boeung Ta Prohm Village, Sangkat Troeuy Koh, with an investment capital of $900 million. Another investment project to develop the sea tourism in Trapeang Lpou Village, Srok District Teuk Chhou has an investment of $1,500 million (*not sure if $1.5bn or $150m), a standard restaurant investment project in Sangkat Andong Khmer, Kampot has an investment of $580 thousand dollars.

There is another investment project of a power plant in Phnom Bokor, Teuk Chhou district (amount not yet confirmed), the investment project of the Royal Government Special Economic Zone in the commune Dang Tong District Cave has an investment of $125 million and the investment project of a Chinese company in Prek Tnaot Commune, Teuk Chhou District has an investment capital of $500,000.

Through the report of the provincial authority presented at the press conference on the progress of the commune / sangkat and the direction of the work of Kampot at the Office of the Council of Ministers made on the morning of January 28, 2021, it was said that 35 companies came to invest in Kampot province, including investment companies in the agro-industrial sectors, small ports, industries, tourism-hotels, restaurants, energy, special economic zones, production and processing of marine products.

There are a total of 54 mining licenses, including: 29 open mine and quarry licenses, 6 mining industry licenses (limestone), 1 exploration and study license and 18 mining resources licenses, with a collection of construction revenue of $5.766 million. KPT

*Note these numbers may not be accurate due to translation issues.

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