Pair Cuffed In Kampot For ‘Milk Money’ Theft

Kampot: On the afternoon of January 26, 2021, police arrested two men on a warrant, who were charged with stealing a wedding dowry (*yes, pedants, bride price/milk money/wedding donations) and sent them to the provincial court.

The detained men have been named only as Diep , 42, and  Saroeurn, 41.

The detained suspects were renting a room in Kompong Trach district.

 The suspects were charged with theft from several weddings from around Kampot Province. The exact number of crimes committed is still unknown, but at least one took place recently in Angkor Chey district, Kampot province .

According to the suspects, who have confessed, at each wedding they pretend to be guests and wait around the area to find the right time to steal the money.

Police are continuing to collect more evidence to continue with the legal procedures. NKD

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