Traffic Accidents Down In 2020

Phnom Penh: According to the National Police General Commission, on January 25, 2021, General Him Yan, Deputy General Commissioner of the National Police held a press conference to present the results of the tightening of the road traffic law for 2020, which the Royal Government set after the number of accidents and deaths increased alarmingly in 2019.

According to General Him Yan, the one year of traffic law enforcement by the traffic police, in cooperation with other relevant authorities, achieved excellent results, including inspecting a total of 1.7 million vehicles and found 355,885 offending vehicles, equivalent to 20%, most of which were motorcyclist not wearing helmets.

The general stressed that there are challenges that need to be further reviewed in order to tighten the case.

General Him Yan claimed that in 2020, there were 3,179 traffic accidents, a decrease of 942, equivalent to 23 percent compared to 2019. In the case of traffic accidents, 1,646 people were killed, a decrease of 335 people or 17% compared to 2019, while 4,686 people were injured, a decrease of 1,455 people or 24% compared to 2019. .

General Him Yan The cause of the accident was caused by speed 33%, disrespect 24%, disrespect to the right 15%, competition accident 10%, turn left and right carelessly 9%, drunk 5%, vehicle factors 3% and drowsiness 1%.

The Deputy Commissioner of the National Police highlighted the direction for 2021:

First, the Royal Government of Cambodia, especially the second subcommittee of the National Committee for Road Safety, is still enforcing the law, and is to make it more transparent and effective.

Second, continue to make efforts to educate and disseminate the law to the people to clearly understand what are the factors that cause traffic accidents and what are the obligations to enforce the law in driving to control vehicles of road users.

Third, continue to participate in the amendment of the law on road traffic

Fourth, continue to strengthen the public monitoring mechanism to collect criticism, provide constructive feedback in a timely manner to improve individual inactivity.

Fifth, make more efforts to strengthen the capacity of law enforcement officers to be more technically and legally competent and highly responsible in carrying out their operations. POST NEWS

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