Tractor Driver Lucky After Battambang Mine Explosion

Battambang Province: A tractor driver was injured and a tractor destroyed when plowing farmland over a buried anti-tank mine on the morning of January 26 near Srah Chak village, Santepheap commune, Sampov Loun district.

The injured tractor driver, 45-year-old Dul Kong, lives in the village, according to the Santepheap commune administrative police station.

The man was hired to drive a tractor for Sorn Sao Pros, 42, in O’Chamnip village, Ta Sda commune, Sampov Loun district. According to villagers, the land had been completely cleared previously, and has leased to them every year. The same source confirmed that the tractor was seen plowing the plantation early in the morning, but a few hours later, there was an explosion. Suddenly, only smoke was seen, so they ran to check and saw the driver fall out of the tractor with injuries.

Sampov Loun District Inspector Pich Saren, the landlord rented the land two to three years ago. The owner of the tractor plowed the land, planted potatoes and corn almost every year, but never had a problem. However, the inspector confirmed that the anti-tank mines were war remnants buried in the soil, and citizens should be wary of any locations where ammunition may remain. In the past, a lot of war remnants left in the land took the lives of farmers or crippled them, even though the farmland was used every year. MCPN/POST NEWS

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