UPDATE Migrant Workers Escape From Banteay Meanchey Quarantine

Banteay Meanchey Province: A worker ran away from the quarantine center in Banteay Meanchey province, after testing negative on the first test. This was confirmed by Mr. Ly Sary, Deputy Governor of Banteay Meanchey.
Currently, the Banteay Meanchey provincial authorities are looking for the man, who has just returned from Thailand and was required to undergo observation for 14 days as instructed by the Ministry of Health. EDIT: A second man has also been reported to have absconde

UPDATE: A Cambodian worker who stole from the Chaktaly Sak Center in Mongkul Borei High School, Banteay Meanchey province, crossed the border and returned to Thailand with his wife. This is according to Mr. Chea Ty, the chief of Soeur commune (unconfirmed elsewhere). THMEY
According to the police, Banteay Meanchey provincial authorities, the man, a 23-year-old named only as Karin, escaped from the Mongkol Borey High School on the evening of January 22, 2021.

The Deputy Governor of Banteay Meanchey Province, Mr. Ly Sary, confirmed to the media on January 23, 2021 that the worker had returned from Thailand to Cambodia and that the provincial authorities had sent him to the Mongkol Borey High School. He stayed one night without any symptoms, and escaped the center on January 23, 2021, because he was afraid that creditors would come to collect the debts owed and he could not afford to repay.

“So far, the authorities are looking for a man but have not found him. The police have arrived at his house but have not found anyone. Now the authorities are looking for him at homes of relatives” he said.

Meanwhile, Mr. Ly Sary said that the provincial authorities have not yet tested for the second and third time, as is standard procedure.

It was also noted that no creditors could demand money from the debtors inside the centers, operated by the authorities and the health officials who check and guard the facilities.

Therefore, in order to be safe, the man should return and finish his observation in accordance with the regulations of the Ministry of Health. NKD

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