Snared Sun Bear Rescued

According to the Facebook page of Wildlife Alliance, an endangered sun bear (Helarctos malayanus) was rescued after it was found trapped in a snare:

“Yesterday at 4:30 pm on January 22, 2021, our Chhay Areng Ranger Patrol Unit encountered a male Sun Bear trapped in a snare inside Southern Cardamom National Park. The patrol unit immediately called Wildlife Alliance head office to send the Wildlife Rapid Rescue Team from Phnom Penh to treat the bear. The rescue team, led by our Director of Wildlife Rescue and Care, Nick Marx, headed down to the site with Chenda, our wildlife vet. They finally arrived at the site at around 5 am this morning, along with rangers from Stung Proat Ranger Patrol Station.The bear was sedated, freed and treated on site, and released back into the wild as it’s injuries were not severe.Thank you to Nick, Chenda, all of our hardworking rangers and the Wildlife Rapid Rescue Team. We are relieved that snaring has not claimed another victim. More information on this wonderful rescue to follow.”

Great work!

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