Cross Customers’ Cocktail Kick-Off

Phnom Penh: A group of 5 people went to drink a cocktail in Chom Chao, Por Sen Chey district. While drinking, no women came to sit next to them, and some of the party began shouting and kicking over tables and chairs, frightening other guests at 10 pm on January 22, 2021. 

According to sources from the shop owner’s daughter, before the incident, a man who owned the house next door called four other friends to sit and drink. Then the man called her and asked, “Where is your mother?” She immediately called her mother to come, but her mother was busy, so the man told her to find a woman to sit with them. 

The source added that she then sat down with him to pour wine for him to drink, and the man told her to (*unsure about the translation) but because it was late at night she did not follow. That made the man very angry, so he pulled out a chair and kicked the tables, causing a panic with other drinkers, who all ran away, knocking other more tables and drinks in the process.

Later, the police came down to arrest two perpetrators and took them to the 1st Chom Chao Police Station for questioning to solve the problem. NKD

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