Ranger Driver Runs After Crash Kills Boy, 15

Stung Treng: A car collided with a motorcycle, causing a boy to die at the scene. The incident happened on a dirt road about 1 km from Dong Kralor, the entrance to Siem Pang district, Stung Treng province at around 12 noon on January 22, 2021.

Sources from the police said that the motorcyclist, Samreth Meas, 15, lived in Na Ong village, O’Svay commune, Borey O’Svay district. Sen Chey, Stung Treng Province. The driver of the unidentified vehicle fled immediately after the incident.

According to the inspection at the scene, the authorities confirmed that the motorcyclist was traveling in the opposite direction on the road from the car, which was traveling in the direction from Stung Treng through Dong Kralor towards Siem Pang district.

After the incident, the authorities handed over the victim’s body to his family. The car and motorcycle were stored at the police station in Borey O’Svay Sen Chey to wait for a legal settlement. RASMEI

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