Violent Altercation Leads To Mob Smashing Range Rover

Phnom Penh: Two men were drinking in front of a rented room in North Kantouk village, Sangkat Kantouk, Khan Kampoul, Phnom Penh on January 21, 2021 when a group of men in a car and on a big motorbike came down and shouted, “You are looking for my brother!”. 

A fight broke out, and the authorities came to intervene and detained three people for questioning.

Before the incident, two men were seen drinking at the scene above, when at some time just past midnight, they saw a group of 4 to 5 men in a black Range Rover with license plates Phnom Penh. 2AO-4034 and a large FTR motorcycle stop. Some of the men shouted “Are you looking for my brother?” 

The source added that after shouting the question, violence erupted and they started fighting with each other, using stones and sticks (*it’s suggested guns may have been involved, but not clear). The two men who were drinking were injured and the Range Rover car drove away from the scene, but was blocked by local people, who stopped a 3 wheeler tuk tuk in its path.

The people were angry and began to smash up the Range Rover before police arrived.

Three people were taken to the police station for further interrogation. The reason for the violence has not been clarified, as authorities are questioning both parties and are continuing to investigate. AREY

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