Suspected Chinese Kidnap Victims Freed By GRK

Phnom Penh: Chamkar Mon District Gendarmerie, in cooperation with the Phnom Penh Municipal Gendarmerie, went to liberate two Chinese nationals from a Chinese shop located next to the Tonle Bassac Administrative Police Station in Chamkar Mon District at At 11 pm on January 19, 2021, in as suspected case of kidnapping.

According to sources at the scene, a group of Chinese people were seen using a car to transport the victims to the backyard of the shop two to three days before the incident. At 9 pm, the suspects drove away, locking the shop from the outside. Two Chinese nationals were locke inside. 

Sources said that the military police arrived at the scene and freed the two victims and took them for questioning. 

The has not yet been clarification from the military police, it is just suspected that this was another case of kidnap. NKD

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