Tuk Tuk Driver Complains After Losing $700 At Massage Shop

Phnom Penh:  On the evening of January 12, 2021, in a ‘scratch massage’ shop located along Street 2004, Trapeang Lvea village, Sangkat Kakap I, Khan Por Sen Chey, a 30-year-old tuk-tuk driver claimed he was robbed, and woman, whose name is not yet known, was taken in for questioning by police.

The man told police he had lost $ 700 after visiting the massage shop. Police then arrested three women and took them to the station for questioning.

The victim told police that he entered two massage parlors along Street 2004 in a row; at first location, he did not lose any money, as he checked before leaving. At the second location he stripped near the door of the room, was given a scratch massage and found he had suddenly lost $ 700. At that time, he asked the women who were there for the money back, but they denied all knowledge, so he decided to go to the Kakap I police station.

Police, after receiving a complaint from the man, went to the scene to bring the three women to the police station for further questioning, and so far they have denied having anything to do with the theft. AREY

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