New Road Connects Veal Veng Border To Trat

Thailand: A new road from Thailand will soon be connected to Thmor Da Port to prepare for the opening of Pursat Special Economic Zone.

The road will connect with National Road No. 55, which runs from Pursat Provincial Town to Thmor Da Commune, Veal Veng District and join with Sen Village, Lem Kat Commune Moeung district, Trat province.

The connection of the road from the Thai side is in preparation for the opening of the special economic corridor as planned between Cambodia and Thailand. This section of road is 14 meters wide, nearly 2 kilometers long, divided into 4 lanes.

According to local authorities, the decision to build the road came after the Thai parliament approved it and after Secretary of State for the Ministry of Interior Chhatprachai Phornmonlard signed the agreement at the request of the Trat provincial governor on May 27, 2019.

It come after plans were made to open the Thmar Da International Border Crossing. The connection of this road hoped to create a new economic flow between Thailand and Cambodia.

Pursat Provincial Governor Mao Thunin has met frequently with the Thai side to discuss economic ties between Pursat and Trat provinces through the opening of the Thmar Da border crossing. Veal Veng district was once a battlefield area, and littered with ammunition and unexploded ordnance. But now Veal Veng has been transforming into a high potential area for tourism and agriculture.

At present, Thmor Da has invested in housing development, hotels, markets, casinos, leisure facilities, as well as beautiful waterfalls and mountain views, while Moeung district, Trat province, Thailand is a seaside tourist destination. It is hoped that in the future, Thmor Da International Border Crossing will become a special economic zone like other international ports through the influx of national and international tourists and the exchange of goods between both Cambodia and Thailand. MCPN

EDIT: Meanwhile a new 62 km long road is being upgraded in Cambodia. This road, built in 2016, connects National Road No. 48 at Thmey Village, Bak Klang Commune, Mondul Seima District, Koh Kong Province to O’Romdeng Village, Thmor Da Commune, Veal Veng District, Pursat Province.

According to the head of the government department, this road (currently just gravel and dirt) can be developed when Thmor Da becomes an international port with an increasing number of people, and also a corridor from Thmor Da to Koh Kong or continue to other coastal provinces. KPT

Before the new 2km road connecting to Road 55

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