Missing Young Boys Found Drowned

Kampong Chhnang Province:  At 9 pm on January 11, 2021, two boys who had been missing all day were found by residents and local authorities in a pond near the school in Ta Ov village, Kdol Sen Chey commune, Teuk Phos district, Kampong Chhnang province.

The boy went missing on the morning of January 11, 2021, the authorities and the people went to search local canals and pond. The search for the two boys took more than nine hours, and ended when the bodies were discovered in a pond near the local school.

The two children drowned was because the children came to play in the backyard and the parents were busy selling in front of the house and knew that their children were playing like every time they disappeared. The body of the victim boy was not found until 9 pm.

The two missing boys were V Chivan, 6 years old, with his father named Sem Sovy, 36 years old and mother named Suon Sophal, 36 years old and Cheat Rithy, 4 years old, who’s father was Chor Cheat, 37 years old, and mother named Sar Chantha, 33 years old.

The bodies of the boys were handed over to his family after the authorities conducted an autopsy, concluding that they had died by drowning. AREY

*Note: This case marks 6 young children who have reportedly drowned so far in January. Our unofficial records from 2020 found at least 224 children (85 female) under the age of 16 drowned in that year- but the number is certainly higher as reporting was difficult during the serious flooding in October.

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