1 Captured, 4 On The Run After Kandal Jail Breakout

Kandal Province: At 10 pm on January 9, 2021, five inmates involved in different crimes escaped from Kandal Provincial Prison.

Kandal provincial police say five inmates initially escaped, but police soon arrested one man.

The same police officer confirmed that the five prisoners were:

Chhom Simy (recaptured) involved in drug offenses, Seng Suon Huang (drugs), Siek Nang (drugs), Run Pov (theft) and No Mosa (theft). Authorities are hunting prisoners so they can continue to serve their sentences.

 Mr. Chat Sineang, Director of Kandal Provincial Prison, could not be reached for comment on the morning of January 10.

Mugshots etc: KBN

*Prison escapes are fairly common at provincial jails, some successful, others not.

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