Mr B’s Temple Of The Week: Preah Stoeng

Last week he was Mr. P, but that was just for the pilot, a bit like when lesser-known actor Jeffrey Hunter was replaced by William J. Shatner as Captain Kirk after the pilot of Star Trek.

Well, Mr. B is here, and this week he set off into the depths of Preah Vihear province- specifically Preah Stoeng in Preah Khan complex at Kampong Svay.

Ever suffering for his art, and for the love of Angkorian history, Mr. B spent 3 days roaming the countryside to find his latest sites, losing 3 kilos of body mass in the process- that never seemed to happen to Indiana Jones or Lara Croft.

Kindly enjoy the video, and any questions to Mr. B can be left in the comments and they will be passed over to the man himself.

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