The Not-So-Great Escape: Mondulkiri Prison Break Thwarted

Mondulkiri Province: A man escaped while guards allowed all prisoners to take a wash outside the building of the provincial prison. The escapee managed to get about 1 km away before he was recaptured by the police.

The incident happened at 9:15 am on January 7, 2021 at Mondulkiri Provincial Prison. The accused who escaped from the prison, Kim Rachana, was arrested for illegal drug trafficking and had been detained for 17 days.

Mondulkiri provincial prison officials said that prior to the incident, officers had ordered all inmates to take a shower outside the detention building, but the man had taken the opportunity to run through the front door of the prison. 

Prison forces, in cooperation with more than 60 police officers, chased after them and fired seven shots, detaining him about 1 km from the prison in Doh Kramom village, Sokdom commune, Sen Monorom city. He was sent to the provincial police commission to deal with the procedure. KBN

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