Multi Vehicle Crash Causes Chaos In Kampot

Kampot: Four vehicles collided at the intersection near the Cambodia-Korea Friendship Bridge in Kampot, causing traffic jams. The incident happened at 7:30 pm on January 3, 2021 on National Road 3 in Kampong Bay North Village, Kampong Bay Sangkat. Kampot city.

Sources at the scene said that before the accident, a truck was seen coming from the east at high speed towards the bridge. At the same time, a Toyota Prius from the south was about to turn onto the bridge when it was hit by the truck and the Prius spun around. The Prius then hit a small car (*maybe a Kia, or similar) driving down from the bridge and that car collided with a BT50 pickup truck.

The source added that the truck did not stop, speeding up the bridge to the west. Traffic congestion built up for almost an hour, as the authorities worked to lift the damaged cars off the road and facilitate traffic.

Kampot traffic police confirmed that when the driver of the truck carrying stones involved later stopped and parked nearby and then escaped. The accident caused a leak in the fuel tank sending fuel all over the road. Examination by security cameras showed that the truck was exceeding the speed limit and the Toyota Prius also violated traffic laws. RASMEI


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